A list of some of my spherical and panoramic photography:

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My door is always open to guests.
And I'm the "old school" type.  Drop-ins are welcome anytime... well, almost anytime :-).
1005 McKenzie Avenue, Unit 419 (Google Maps Link)
It's easy to drive by the main driveway of McKenzie Avenue (see it here in StreetView).  The most reliable entrance is here, off Saanich Road onto Annie Street.
Keep in mind when leaving or arriving, that it's a double-yellow on McKenzie at that point.  Left turns are only permitted when non-obstructing of other traffic.  Consider entering and exiting via Annie Street.
Doorphone code: 570
Phone:  250-216-0398
  • Visitor parking is at the southeast corner of the parking lot (Google Maps Link) - follow the signage and lane markings.
  • Double-check the stall marking -- it must read "VISITOR".
  • There is some on-street parking on Annie Street, but be sure you're outside the fence.
  • If you're staying overnight, I have one overnight guest parking pass (can borrow more, if needed).
  • For parties / poker nights / etc:  the building curfew for sound is 11pm.  Thankfully, we can still be normal volume after 11pm... well built building :-).
Hope to see you soon. :-)